Motor Vehicle Accidents

The operation of the law of negligence and a person’s legal rights under that law You are entitled to claim for damages as long as you are not at fault in an accident or if the accident was only partially your fault. In Queensland all vehicles must have Compulsory Third Part…
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Black Lung Disease – it’s a minefield!

Are you exposed to dust at work? “Black lung” is a common term for a respiratory disease caused by breathing in coal dust. These coal dust particles are often so small, they cannot be seen with the human eye. They coat the lungs and affect the respiratory syst…
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Unhappy with a WorkCover Decision

A common enquiry received by our Compensation Team is whether a decision of WorkCover can be reviewed or appealed. Some examples of decisions which can be reviewed or appealed are: A decision to reject an application for Workers Compensation; An assessment of permane…
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