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Why do I need a Will?

Whilst a Will is probably one of the most important documents that a person will ever sign, current statistics show that almost one in two Australians do not have a Will or if they have a Will, it is invalid. If someone was to die and either does not have a Will, or leaves a Will…
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Do I really need a Binding
Death Benefit Nomination?

It is common for people to think that they don’t have many assets and, therefore, do not need estate planning advice when actually the superannuation benefit payable on their death is often a substantial amount and is their most significant asset. Many people do…
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Family Provision Application

In Queensland, there are a number of ways in which you can dispute a Will. Such circumstances may include where the testator lacks capacity at the time the Will was made, where the testator’s Will has been overborne by undue influence, or where the testator has failed to m…
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