If you have been injured through the course of your employment, you have a responsibility to act reasonably and seek medical attention for the injury and to notify your employer when the injury occurs.

WorkCover Claim

Your employer should report the incident and initiate a WorkCover claim.  You are able to lodge your own WorkCover application either over the phone or online also.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

If your WorkCover application is accepted, as part of your rehabilitation and in order to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery, your employer together with WorkCover, have a responsibility to provide you with rehabilitation and to assist you with your return to work as part of your recovery.  This includes meeting the reasonable costs for treatment such as physiotherapy and other medical consultations by a registered person.

If you are required to pay a practitioner upfront for these services, you should keep all original receipts and provide the receipts to WorkCover for reimbursement.

Your Responsibilities

You have a duty to mitigate your loss which means you must, where reasonably practicable, satisfactorily participate in rehabilitation that is recommended by your employer or WorkCover, in conjunction with a medical practitioner.  Failing to participate, or refusing to participate without a reasonable excuse may result in your entitlement to compensation being suspended.

Get Support

Being injured at work can create a stressful and trying time for both you and your family.  Seeking the right support and assistance as soon as possible is only going to be advantageous to not only your recovery and return to work, but your mental wellbeing as well.  We can support you with your recovery.

If you have any queries about a workplace injury or WorkCover application, get in contact with our team today on 07 4963 2000 or via our online contact form.