The Offender Levy is a fee payable on sentence.  The Offender Levy is used to help pay for the costs associated with Court.

Every adult sentenced in Queensland must pay the Offender Levy.  You are not able to appeal the imposition of the Offender Levy, as it is a mandatory levy applied to all adults who are convicted of an offence in Queensland.  You must pay the Offender Levy whether or not a conviction is recorded for a particular offence.

The payment of the Offender Levy, and its impact on you, cannot be taken into account in determining your sentence.

How much is the Offender Levy?

The Offender Levy is prescribed in section 10 of the Penalties and Sentences Regulation 2005 (Queensland).  The current prescribed Offender Levy (as at April 2019) is $123.00 if you are convicted in the Magistrates Court and $368.90 if you are convicted in the District or Supreme Court.

How do I pay the Offender Levy?

You are able to pay the Offender Levy at the Court Registry following your sentence.

If you do not pay the Offender Levy at the time of sentence, you will receive an enforcement order from the State Penalties Enforcement Register (SPER).  SPER will provide further payment options for your Offender Levy.  It is likey that you would be able to negotiate a payment plan with SPER, if you are unable to pay the Offender Levy in full.

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Cassandra Adorni-Braccesi
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