Relief Measures

Land tax relief measures have been announced by the Queensland Government in light of the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on properties in Queensland.  Eligible landowners may be entitled to one or more of the following relief measures:

  • a land tax rebate reducing land tax liabilities by 25% for eligible properties for the 2019-2020 assessment year;
  • a waiver of 2% land tax surcharge for foreign entities for the 2019-2020 assessment year;
  • a three (3) month deferral on land tax liabilities for the 2019-2020 assessment year.


A landowner will be eligible and can apply for the land tax rebate if part or all of their properties are either leased or available for lease and the following criteria applies:

Where properties are currently leased:

  • The ability of one or more tenants to pay their normal rent is affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic;
  • The landowner will allow rent relief to the effected tenant(s) of an amount proportionate with the land tax rebate; and
  • The landowner will comply with the leasing principles.

Where a property is vacant but available for lease:

  • The landowner’s ability to secure tenants has been affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic;
  • The landowner requires relief to meet their financial obligations; and
  • The landowner will comply with the leasing principles.

Landowners need to bear in mind that the land tax rebate will only apply to particular properties that meet the above eligibility requirements and conditions.  This means it might not apply to the landowner’s entire portfolio of taxable landholdings.

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