Unfortunately, injuries occurring from slips, trips and falls is very common.  What isn’t usually considered though, is how a simple slip, trip or fall can cause a serious injury.

Did you know that there is a difference between a ‘slip’ and a ‘trip’?

A slip is typically due to a liquid or spillage on the floor surface.

A trip is typically due to your foot unexpectedly coming into contact with an object or hazard.

The fall is self explanatory – and renders the slip or the trip more serious if you in fact then fall over.

Common incidents include:

  • slipping and falling on liquid left on the ground;
  • slipping and falling on slippery flooring of a shop;
  • tripping over an object;
  • tripping over uneven ground;
  • tripping and falling due to poor lighting;
  • tripping and falling due to broken steps; and
  • tripping and falling due to a lack of handrails.

Common injuries can include:

  • sprains or strains;
  • broken bones;
  • bruising; and
  • back injury.

The individual circumstances of an incident will affect whether a damages claim can be successfully brought against a Defendant, whether it be an incident at a workplace or within the public.

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