What is Spousal Maintenance?

‘Spousal maintenance’ is financial support provided by one party to the other after a relationship has ended (whether married or de facto).  Spousal maintenance is one of the orders a party is able to apply for under the Family Law Act when they are unable to adequately support themselves.

Generally, spousal maintenance is payable where:

  • one party has a need for financial support due to their income being less than their expenses;
  • the other party has the capacity to provide that support due to their expenses being less than their income; and
  • it is proper in the circumstances that the support be provided.

Typically, spousal maintenance is payable when one person is the income earner and the other has inadequate means of support as a consequence of the separation.

Maintenance may be payable for a short period of time or may be payable for a longer period of time.

Spousal maintenance can be paid under a Court Order or by a private agreement between parties.

Spousal Maintenance & Child Support

Spousal maintenance is not child support.  Child support is paid for the benefit of children.  Spousal maintenance is paid to support a party in need of financial support in addition to child support.  When considering whether spousal maintenance is required a Court will consider where any children of the relationship live but this is only one consideration.

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