Policeman with man

What is a Police Banning Notice?

A Police Banning Notice may be issued by the police if you are behaving in a disorderly, offensive or violent manner in proximity to a licensed venue.  The Police Banning Notice will ban you from a specific area or event, by stopping you from entering or remaining at:- a li…
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Public nuisance sign

What is Public Nuisance?

Public nuisance is described as a person behaving in a disorderly, offensive, threatening or violent manner that interferes with the peaceful enjoyment of a public area.  There are numerous examples of behaviour that would be considered public nuisance, including…
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Judge and gavel

Offender Levy

The Offender Levy is a fee payable on sentence.  The Offender Levy is used to help pay for the costs associated with Court. Every adult sentenced in Queensland must pay the Offender Levy.  You are not able to appeal the imposition of the Offender Levy, as it is a mandatory l…
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Drugs and drug utensils

Is it illegal to possess
a bong or pipe?

Drug Offences? There are many offences relating to illicit substances.  These offences do not only relate to possession, but also to trafficking, producing and supplying dangerous drugs.  These are serious offences which may carry severe consequences. There are a…
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Police executing a search warrant

Search Warrants in

The police don’t have a warrant.  Can they search me? There are some circumstances where you, your home or your vehicle can be searched without a warrant. Searching your home without a warrant The police are able to enter and search your residence without a warra…
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Man with head in hands


Being charged with Assault, Grievous Bodily Harm or Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm in Queensland. Assault is broadly defined in Queensland, with many different behaviours held to constitute assault. These behaviours commonly include:- hitting; kicking; pushi…
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Failure to Appear at Court

It is an offence to fail to appear at Court when you are required to do so. If you do not attend Court in accordance with your Notice to Appear, Complaint and Summons or Bail Undertaking, a warrant may issue for your arrest. You may also be charged with the offence of failure t…
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Serious Assault

Being charged with serious assault in Queensland Assault is broadly defined in Queensland, with many different behaviours held to constitute assault. These behaviours commonly include:- Hitting; Kicking; Pushing; Touching; or Applying force of any kind. There a…
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Factors for Sentencing

When you plead guilty or are found guilty of an offence, a Magistrate or Judge will impose a sentence as a penalty for committing the offence.  There are many different sentences available to the Magistrate or Judge, such as a fine, a community based order (including pro…
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