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Bail in Queensland

The general position in Queensland is that everyone charged with a criminal offence should be placed on bail. Bail is simply the Court’s permission to allow you to remain in the community (rather than in custody) whilst your matter is being finalised. When will I be plac…
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Failing to Stop
(Evading Police)

If you are directed by a police officer to stop your vehicle, you must do so as soon as reasonably practical. It is an offence to evade police by failing to stop your motor vehicle. There are significant penalties for failing to stop, which include a large fine or period of i…
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Breach of Protection Order

A Protection Order is also referred to as a Domestic Violence Order (“DVO”). The Applicant in an Application for a Domestic Violence Order can be either the person applying for the DVO or an authorised person, such as a Police Officer, who is acting on their behalf.  The p…
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Recording of a Conviction

When you plead guilty to an offence you will be convicted of that offence.  You will also be convicted if you plead not guilty and are then found guilty of an offence by a Magistrate or jury.  The impact of a conviction is dependent on whether the Court decides whether to rec…
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Probation Orders

What is a Probation Order? A Probation Order is a community-based sentencing option used by the Courts. The Courts are able to release an offender into the supervision of a Probation and Parole Officer under a Probation Order.  A Probation Order is often imposed as an a…
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Drug Diversion Programs

There are two drug diversion programs in Queensland, the Drug Diversion Assessment Program (DDAP) and Court Ordered Diversion. The programs are aimed at diverting minor drug offenders away from the Court system, by referring offenders to a relevant drug education s…
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What happens if I can’t pay my fine

A Court may impose a fine as your penalty for committing an offence.  A fine can be imposed as part of your penalty, or can be imposed alongside other penalties such as a period of disqualification.  You will also be required to pay the Offenders Levy, in addition to any fin…
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