Women signing an undertaking

What is an Undertaking
in Family Law?

When parties separate sometimes a person is requested to give an undertaking that they will or will not do something.  Sometimes undertakings are requested before court proceedings are commenced and sometimes they are requested or provided to the Federal Circuit Co…
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child looking sad with parents fighting in the background

Can the Court change my
Child Support Assessment?

Yes, the Court can change your child support assessment, but only in certain circumstances. In most cases any amendments to your child support assessment will be considered by the Child Support Agency internally.  However, the Court may make orders in certain circum…
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Child and parenting sitting on a jetty

Parenting Orders Breached?

Where one parent is not following or has breached the parenting orders made by the Court, the other parent can file a contravention application. What constitutes a breach of parenting orders? Under the Family Law Act 1975, unless an order has been varied by consent, a pe…
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adults fighting in front of child

Problems Communicating
with Your Ex

Sorting out parenting arrangements after separation can be difficult, particularly when there are problems with communicating with your ex.  It is important to remember that the way parents choose to communicate with each other can be beneficial, or, in some cases,…
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Two people signing papers

Finalising Property Settlement
After Separation

When a relationship ends, the process of working out who gets what is known as a property settlement. It is important to note that the family law legislation in Australia has some very specific rules about what can be included in a property settlement and when it will be bi…
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Lady signing papers with a key and a small house

Increasing Your Share
of Your Assets

Property settlements are all about dividing what net assets are available.  There is inevitably pressure from each spouse to maximise the net assets they each want to receive or retain.  Obviously what assets exist before separation cannot be duplicated and is inst…
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