Are you having issues at work involving your employer or other colleagues?

What is workplace bullying?

Workplace bullying is repeated and unreasonable behaviour that is directed towards you, creating a risk to your health and safety.

Relevantly, some examples of behaviour can include humiliation, constant ridicule and sabotaging a person’s work.  This behaviour can come from another colleague or even your employer/manager.

Reasonable Management Action

If an employer’s behaviour is that of a reasonable management action in connection with your employment, this is not considered workplace bullying.  An example of this could be your employer asking you whether or not you are fit to perform your role and if you have suffered an injury, either mental or physical, that limits your ability in your role or makes it unsafe for you to complete your job.  It is also important to note, that workplace conflict such as differences of opinion, disagreements and general personality clashes are generally not considered workplace bullying.  However, of course the circumstances of each incident need to be taken into account.

Lodging a Claim with WorkCover

If you feel as though you are being bullied in the workplace you should seek legal advice about your options.  If workplace bullying or harassment can be established, you can apply to WorkCover for compensation.  The compensation can include loss of wages if you need to take time off, plus medical expenses so that you can talk to a counsellor about your situation.

When applying for workers’ compensation through WorkCover it is important that you list all examples of workplace bullying and provide relevant dates and facts.  The information you provide to WorkCover will assist in them determining whether or not to accept your claim.

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